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Virrco Abundance Artwork Series for Your Living Spaces

The first Virrco artwork ever exhibited is an abundance artwork piece. The piece received a lot of really good feedback. Since the exhibit was done in Pfizer NYHQ, a multicultural hub of different races and nationalities, the reviews I've got from these community was not only immensely fulfilling, it was also unexpectedly enlightening.

As an artist, the process of making a cultural relevant piece is both educational and healing to the soul. It's like giving life to part of our history and receiving a good fortune in return.

Abundance - Fishwives

The first abundance piece -abundance in marketplace ever exhibited

Abundance - Neon Harvest Fishwives

The abundance series depicts abundant harvest and abundant fishing. In the Philippines our celebration of fiestas and festivals coincides with the harvest season . We celebrate a good harvest during the months of March through June, that's why we have all these fiestas during this months. I was told that my abundance artworks have captured the spirits of these celebrations through colors and through happy faces of women in these communities.

Recently, I was invited to talk about good feng shui and the use of artworks and visual arts in living spaces for wellness and good health. Doing the research for the talk, I've learned that the artworks that evoke happiness and good health are the artworks depicting or evoking restorative environment. These artwork when viewed should remind us of "happy feelings", of "abundance" and of "communities getting together to help one another and to celebrate one another". Aha! Aren't these the soul of Virrco abundance artworks?

Needless to say, I will be focusing on making more of these artworks to bless more people through my art.

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